Caleb Darcy

Caleb Darcy was alone.

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The end?

It takes too long to play all my sims in my RKC. So, for now I have decided to give up with my RKC neighbourhood.  Instead I am focusing on my legacy challenge, which I am really enjoying.

If you want to come and read my legacy story you can find it at www.wintersmith.wordpress.com


Both the Macbeth’s and Loxley’s had made their excuses and left the Castle. As they journeyed home, both wondered what would become of Eveline, lying pale and ill in the Castle behind them. Marion had lain awake sometime, listening to the wind howling round the manor and considered what kind of desperate plight would induce her to venture out in such inhospitable weather. Robin’s arms lay tight around her. Eveline’s ordeal had brought the memory of Marion’s accident back to him. He had been struck again at how nearly he had lost his own wife.


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To late to change?

Lord Marquis moved slowly down the stairs.



He felt dazed. What had his wife been doing out on such a night? She had asked to be excused from tonight’s festivities because of her delicate health. Now he didn’t know what to think.

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The Unexpected Visitor

The dinner had been amazing, and Marion rested back against her chair whilst feeling slightly uncomfortable in her tight dress. She had been pressed to try everything and it had all been delicious.



She realised the Queen was asking her a question. Marion pulled her thoughts back to the present, day dreaming was not a luxury to indulge in whilst you were a guest of the royal family.

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Eveline stumbled through the snow. At first she had been glad to leave the stuffy church with its painful revelations. The fresh snow falling on her face had revived her and given her relief from the pain inside.


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The truth at last

Sarah looked shocked to be spoken to by Eveline in such a forceful tone. She thought of Eveline as a gentle lady and yet the vision before her was very different. She looked so determined that Sarah felt slightly afraid.


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